Our providers are some the most talented and highest skilled in the nation.


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John A. Foster, MD MPH
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Paul O. Ketro, MD
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Martha H. McLoughlin, MD
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Rebecca Patel, MD
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Darlene Marie Ramos, MD
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Diane Elise Rich, MD
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Elizabeth Turnock, MD
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Prescott Lee, MD
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Melissa Lumish, MD
Medical Resident


Erin Tracy,MD

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Meghan Curran, NP
Family Nurse Practitioner

Julia Hill, NP
Family Nurse Practitioner

Diane Valko, NP
Adult Nurse Practitioner

Carol Brooks, RN
Nurse Manager for Pediatrics and Adult Medicine

Mary Wright, RN
Health Educator

Luisa Siniscalchi
Nutrition Specialist

Kathleen Marion, NP
Adult Nurse Practitioner

Beth Mozuch, LPN
Christine McKinnon, LPN
Linda Wrenn, LPN
Charlene Harris, LPN
Lily Bain, LPN
Kennisha Beasley, LPN
Bianca Dias-Pigott, LPN
Gia Brown, LPN
Vanessa Brice, MA
Carmen Galvao, MA



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